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High quality colored Bohemian czech glass - one of the most popular in the world! What is the secret of the popularity of these products from Bohemia? It's simple - high quality glass and bright cheerful colors will stand out from the classic boring glasses. That is why, when a person racks his head over an idea for a gift, he often makes his choice in favor of colored Czech glasses or goblets. Their looks and designs are very modern and versatile. Such a gift with a probability of 99% will appeal to both women and men.

Bohemia's assortment has colored glass for any need - multi-colored glasses for wine or champagne, for martinis and cocktails. For connoisseurs of whiskey and spirits, there are also many colorful glasses and glasses available. Features of multicolored glass from Bohemia: - Items sold in sets usually have an individual color. For example, a set of 6 pieces will have red, yellow, purple, green, orange and blue wine glasses. This is a very nice feature - each member of the family or team can choose a glass of their own color and not be confused while spending time together. - Colorful shades of products do not wash out over time, because the color is not a layer on the outside - it is the color of the glass itself from the inside!

Signs of authenticity of Czech and Bohemian glass

Czech and Bohemian glass is highly prized. These are beautiful, practical materials, and their products have a special charm due to their delicate workmanship and perfect design. Glass differs by region of origin. Bohemian is made in Bohemia, a region in Bohemia that occupies its western half. Glass from factories operating in other regions of the Czech Republic is called Czech. Both Czech and Bohemian are considered crystal due to the lead content in the raw materials. The addition of lead has become a distinctive feature of these materials. It ensures their transparency, purity and strength.

It is not possible to buy real Czech and Bohemian glass everywhere: even in Prague, many shops offer fakes. Therefore, it is important to be able to distinguish genuine Czech crafts from cheap copies. This can be done on several grounds.

Do you hear ringing?

Due to the lead content, Czech glass is able to "sing". It emits a melodic and long, slightly metallic ringing in certain conditions. This feature is considered the main sign of the authenticity of Bohemian crystal.

This method is not always applicable. It is best suited for authenticating crystal glasses. It is used to check small vases, salad bowls or candy bowls with a smooth edge. The thinner and smoother the edges of the product, the higher the chances of hearing the "singing" of the crystal. Wine glasses "sing" almost always, but a heavy carved vase may remain silent. It is best to use special glass rods for testing. Place the product you are checking on a firm, level surface. It is better not to take it in your hands or put it on soft tablecloths or stands, so as not to dampen the vibration that generates sound.

Based on the experience of many years of work of the Bohemia salon, the ringing of Bohemian and Czech glass is easily distinguishable. It lasts at least 4 seconds, it is a deep, metallic sound. It is "born" in the depths and gradually dies down. The glass vibrates slightly during sounding. This vibration is well felt on the legs of wine glasses when they are being tested.